Installing SSL using existing certificate into ArcGIS Server 10.3.1

Trying to install SSL using the ESRI workflow ended up me having an error: Importing CA certificate failed.error. After talking to the ESRI tech support, it has been found out that I need to slightly change the workflow inorder to make this installation work with existing certificate


Before starting the installation you need to have the following certificates ready:
  • SLL Server Certificate from CA in pfx format and its password. Certificate in .CER format will not work (unless somebody has a work around).
  • Root certificate of your domain certificate. You can use MMC to find and export the certificate
Here is the revised workflow:
  1. Log in to the ArcGIS Server Administrator Directory as the primary site administrator or a user with administrative privileges, for example,
  2. Browse to machines > [machine name] > sslcertificates.
  3. Click importRootOrIntermediate to import the CA's root certificate. Provide an alias (preferably suffix root to the name), chose the root certificate and import it.
  4. Click importExistingServerCertificate to import the SSL server certificate. Now provide the certificate password, Alias and choose the SSL Server Certificate pfx file and import it.
  5. Now, Browse back to machines > [machine name].
  6. Click edit.
  7. Type the name of your SSL Server certificate in the Web server SSL Certificate field.
  8. Click Save Edits to apply your change.
  9. On the current page, view the property Web server SSL Certificate to verify that the desired SSL certificate will be used for SSL.
  10. Browse back to Home > security > config > update.
  11. For the Protocol parameter, choose the HTTPS Only option and click Update. Your ArcGIS Server site is automatically restarted. In a developer environment, you may also choose to use the HTTP and HTTPS option. With this option, users will be able to access ArcGIS Server through either HTTP or HTTPS.
  12. Bind the certificate to port 443 in IIS. For detailed instructions on how to accomplish it, check this ESRI help document.
  13. Configure the with the Web Adaptor.